3 points for CAT 2020 preparation

Here are 3 things you should be clear about before you start your preparation for CAT 2020. There are some myths amongst students and if not debunked right away, might end up wasting a lot of time.

There is no substitute for reading

156.1 Myths About Cat Exam Preparation

Coachings and online classes can get you accustomed to different kinds of questions asked but there is no ‘short-cut’ when it comes to improving in VARC. If you are targetting CAT 2020, you have enough time to get hold of reading. Start with reading one novel a week and articles from sources such as The Guardian, NYtimes, The Economist, ALdaily, The Hindu, etc. With time you will notice a considerable improvement in this section.

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Use social media judiciously

156.2 Myths About Cat Exam Preparation

FB/Whatsapp is not a place to build concepts. What makes them more harmful is the illusion of preparation that they provide. Use FB only as a helping tool to get exam-related updates, to solve questions and to clear doubts when you are more than halfway through your preparation. Post your doubts on the relevant groups and check the answers the next day.

Stop pretending, start preparing

156.3 Myths About Cat Exam Preparation

Your percentile should be 100. NOW WHAT? It is very enticing to know details such as how many marks are needed to get so and so percentile, but how does it affect your preparation apart from instigating a false sense of preparation? Your focus should be to improve in the subjects with each passing day and when you start writing mocks, your focus in each mock should be to perform better than the last one. When should you stop? Never. When should you be comfortable with your preparation? When you start scoring 95-100 percentile consistently in a renowned mock test series.

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