Common myths about Mock-CATs

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There are many misconceptions among students which when addressed properly might help in getting the preparation on the right track.

Myth: You should take lots of mocks.

Reality: Always prefer quality over quantity

Myth: Mock percentile represents your CAT percentile.

Reality: Mock just gives you an idea of where you stand which you can use while applying to colleges as most of the colleges require you to fill-up the form even before you sit for the test. In most of the cases, CAT percentile is slightly above than the mock percentile.

Myth: Expecting quick growth.

Reality: Well, quick growth is a fluke, and as they say in business – the more time you take to reach the top, the more you stay on top.

Myth: Shortcuts are very important.

Reality: They have little to no significance. Any question could be solved in the same amount of time if the basics are strong.

Myth: More the attempts, more the score

Reality: Greed never brought anyone any good. Focus on accuracy.

Myth: You scored badly because the paper was difficult.

Reality: Paper is the same for everyone and percentile marking is relative.

Myth: Difficult mock is a good mock.

Reality: Most of the online mock providers keep their level way above CAT level as students relate difficulty with being good. You need mocks at CAT level or slightly above CAT level that’s it. Check out Gofodu’s free mock.

Myth: Mock is your preparation for CAT

Reality: Many toppers claim that all they did for their CAT preparation was to take lots of mocks. This might have worked for them but is not true for all. It worked for them maybe because they had this innate talent or maybe they studied the topics while preparing for IIT JEE. While starting from scratch, your focus should only be on building basics.

Giving mocks boosts a person’s confidence and makes a candidate prepare for the final CAT examination. Do check out our other blogs to learn more CAT concepts. You can also visit our website and start your CAT preparation for free.

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