CAT Exam aka Thanos – How to fight it like the Avengers

Just like THANOS, CAT follows the principle of Elimination. When the result arrives, you feel just like ‘AVENGERS-INFINITY WAR Part 1’, when THANOS, with his single snap, eliminates half of the universe’s population. In the same way, more than half of the applicants are eliminated from CAT too, more cruelly.  But, you can be on THANOS’s good side or even better, you can beat him when none of the avengers can, only if you develop that attitude. So we will talk about the differences in mindset of a student scoring 60 percentile and one scoring 100 percentile.

Avengers concept for CAT Exam Preparation 2019

There are five categories of warriors based on the percentile basis.

  1. 0 – 60 Percentile Power (HAWKEYE, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D)
  2. 60 – 90 Percentile Power (BLACK WIDOW, LOKI)
  3. 90 – 95 Percentile Power (BLACK PANTHER, SPIDERMAN)
  4. 95 – 99 Percentile Power (IRON MAN, THOR, HULK, CAPTAIN AMERICA)
  5. 99+ Percentile Power (THANOS, DOCTOR STRANGE and well DEADPOOL because he is just that awesome!)

Just like in the climax, when Doctor Strange witnesses different probable futures based on their course of action against THANOS, and realizes that one possibility in which they win, let me show you all the possibilities and the cases where YOU can win. This will help in easy identification of the group you fall in, and things you need to do to forge your future.

  1. 0 – 60 Percentile power-

These warriors help organizations in an unnecessary way to make such exams overrated.  Overrated because approximately 2 Lac candidates appear for CAT and out of those 2 Lac, around 1, 40,000 candidates are NEVER EVER serious about their preparation. They join some highly reputed coaching institute, they talk about CAT all the time but never ever do they sit with a book and solve some questions. They spend their time browsing CAT Facebook groups and thinking about petty issues like- How much percentile should I aim? How many marks do I need for so and so percentile?


For the warriors who fall under this category, remember two things.

You are mature enough to understand, what you really want to do in life. Everybody in your friend circle might be giving CAT but that doesn’t mean that you have to also give CAT. There are several other exams that provide an exalted platform other than CAT like GRE, GMAT, MAT, ISAT etc.  

But if you are really willing to pursue MBA, then firstly, get out of the false sense of preparation. Take a decision between social media vs self-preparation. Coaching/classes/CAT groups, these are supporting elements. What gets you through is the number of hours you sat down solving questions.

  • 60 – 90 Percentile Power

It’s my most favorite classification of power. These warriors definitely have the potential to get into one of the TOP 20 B-Schools, but just because of the hype that has been created by all the big players of “warrior-making” education industry (so-called coaching institutes) and just because CAT is so overrated, they are not able to get out of this category and reach up to the next level. They actually waste their maximum amount of precious time talking and planning about CAT rather than actually studying for it.

Another common thing in such aspiring candidates is that they always look for what’s more difficult instead of concentrating on conceptual clarity. They have a knack for shortcuts and formulae rather than basics and concepts. On top of that, they lack the most eminent thing i.e. Discipline. And the worst thing is that their situation deteriorates when the quest for their answers meets an unquenchable thirst as they join random online discussion forums, and when they face some really irrelevant questions, they get demotivated.


Do not waste your time looking for questions here and there, which will never come in CAT. Solve basic questions first, after understanding the concepts really well. Give mocks and analyze them properly. That would be more than enough to get you into a good B-School. Believe me! CAT is not that difficult as people tell you.

  • 90 – 95 Percentile Power-

This is another powerful category of warriors. These warriors have immense potential to get into 99+ category and are all definitely well versed in any 2 sections out of 3, which are asked in CAT. The only thing that they do wrong here is, instead of focusing on the weaker sections, they focus on improving those subjects in which they feel comfortable but that never pays off. There are sectional cutoffs for almost every good college in India and thus, you cannot ignore the weak parts in your study preparation.  


Be Honest to yourself. Get out of your comfort zone and work on weaker sections a bit more than your stronger areas. REALIZE YOUR WEAKNESSES; THEY ARE LIKE YOUR MASTERS.

  • 95 – 99 Percentile power-

This is the last classification before we reach the almighty TITANS! There is not much difference between the warriors who get stuck in this range and those who cross the dreaded 99+ barrier. Don’t take your strong sections lightly. Revise/revisit them so that they remain strong and at the same time focus on building the weaker sections.

Let me again remind you that DI/LR is one such section that no matter how good you are at it, a little casualness or lack of practice in the last phase of your preparation may affect your results drastically.



  • 99+  Percentile Power

THANOS, DOCTOR STRANGE as well as DEADPOOL fall under this category. All the points (all the negative ones) that I have mentioned throughout this article are not applicable for these warriors. They have a sound strategy for their preparation, mocks and also, with everything they do. The only thing that they do extra is that they don’t have any zero days in their preparation (Zero days are nothing but the days when you don’t study) and they always keep themselves superbly motivated.


KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK and Remember, with great power comes great responsibilities. Help your classmates with their doubts.


Before you opt for CAT, identify, discover and ask yourself this question “WHY I WANT TO GIVE CAT?” Write it down on a piece of paper and stick it on the wall just in front of your study place. This is the only motivation that is sufficient to keep you going all through your preparations. CAT is just another test on the list of several other achievable exams. If you work on it smartly and with zeal, then Victory shall be yours to take! To start your CAT preparations for free click here now!

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