Silly mistakes CAT aspirants make

In order to be successful, attention to detail is a must. Make sure you are not losing marks because of silly mistakes. The regret of silly mistakes is much bigger than that of answers you could not solve. As you all must have started taking mocks, here are three things to keep in mind –

1) Attempt the mocks during the actual exam hours of CAT exam. CAT exam is generally held in two slots i.e morning slot from 9 AM to 12 PM and afternoon slot from 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM. Since you won’t know which slot you might get beforehand, try to attempt mocks alternatively during these timings. This will help you get in the zone for the actual CAT exam. While some students falter under exam pressure, others are more comfortable studying late nights and thus feel uncomfortable when giving the actual CAT exam. Please ensure that such psychological barriers don’t prove to be a hindrance in your CAT score.

2) Sitting 3 hours straight without any distraction is easier said than done. But it is imperative that you develop a habit of giving a test for 3 hours straight with full concentration and without any interruptions whatsoever. Imagine the regret you might feel afterward when you realize that you could have been in one of those IIMs only if you were not feeling sleepy during your CAT exam. Thus, developing that stamina is very essential. Though the duration of the exam is 3 hours, you will have to report to the center around 1.5 hours in advance. That means waking up at around 6:00 AM for the morning slot. Thus, it might happen that by the time the exam begins, you lose all your energy. Don’t let such niggling issues affect your performance and prepare for them well in advance.

3) Always read the instructions for every question very carefully. Sometimes, you might know the answer to the question but the final option that you mark as your answer might not be what they asked in the question. For eg., it is very important to pay attention to words like “can be” or “cannot be” which can change the nature of the question. In the VARC section, the questions switch to and fro between para jumbles and odd one out and some students carelessly mark their answers without reading the instructions. This makes them enter the correct sequence in an odd-one-out-question, if the instructions are not clearly read. As funny and unrealistic it may sound, make sure it never happens to you. Read all the instructions carefully and only then attempt the question.

Common Mistake Students Make During Cat Exam And Mock Test

4) The fourth Mistake is again related to reading instructions of Verbal Ability section. Students take a lot of mocks in which they have read instructions to questions so many times again and again that in exam they assume that they have been given the same instruction and they can skip it.

Common Silly Mistake In Verbal Ability Va Section Of Online Cat Exam

5) Lastly, some students make mistake of using outside information other than what’s being given in the caselet/puzzel in Logical Reasoning section.

Common Silly Mistake In Logical Reasoning Section Of Online Cat Exam

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