Multiplication Tips and Tricks

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Improvement of calculation speed is as important as enhancing your accuracy. Increasing your calculation speed is no cakewalk. In this blog, we will cover the tips and tricks which can be used to solve complicated multiplications. Multiplication is an easy task to do when you have 2 digits, 3 digits but when these digits tend to increase then it becomes quite complicated and time taking process to solve such problems.

Following are the tricks which can help you increase your multiplication speed:

The following image explains the Multiplication Patterns from different digits of numbers:

number patterns and Calculation Techniques For Online Cat Exam Preparation

Multiplication by 5

To multiply any number by 5 and get results in seconds will save your time and help you solve complicated problems within seconds.

multiplication with 5 and Calculation Techniques For Online Cat Exam Preparation

By using the above trick we can easily multiply any number by 5 and get the answer instantly.

Example: 1762 x 5

Solution: 1762 x 10/2

= 17620/2 = 8810

Multiplication by 11

multiplication with 11 and Calculation Techniques For Online Cat Exam Preparation

Example: 35 x 11

Solution: The above question can be solved by using the technique explained in the image above:

=> 35 x 11= 5

=>35 x 11= 85

=>35 x 11= 385

Then there are other interesting but not useful ways as well. For example: we can multiply using lines

Multiplication using lines and other Calculation Techniques For Online Cat Exam Preparation

In this way, you can use these multiplication tricks to save your time and solve the complicated problems that include lengthy multiplications. Do check out our other blogs to learn more concepts. You can also visit our website and start your CAT preparation for free.

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