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Fear of bad performance, when combined with the incomplete syllabus, tends to make one procrastinate mocks. It is better to start as soon as possible. Keep these three points in mind while choosing a mock test series.

Start now:

You don’t have to wait till the completion of your course. It will never be completed. You should try and complete the course parallelly with the mocks and not separately. The biggest mistake that students do is to wait for the right time. If at all that time comes, there is very little they could do in that time. Giving a mock with half finished syllabus might get you a bad score, but you are the judge of what that score means to you. You can simply ignore the numbers and focus on topics that you have covered and got wrong. For topics you have not covered, simply giving a thought and then going through the solution itself plays a big part in covering that topic.

Pick variety of sources:

Once you have made up your mind, look out for a variety of sources to give mock from. Every test series provider has a particular style that you get accustomed to. You need to get out of your comfort zone and try different sources so as to prepare yourself for the unexpected. We at offer experts created mocks at a reasonable pricing. Click here to take a free mock.

How many mocks do you need?

While figuring out the sources for mock, keep in mind the number of mocks you are looking for. You need to take 2 mocks a month till you reach an average score of 80+ percentile in mocks. Thereafter, you can start taking mocks once a week. Once you have reached the average score of 95+ percentile, start taking mocks twice a week. You can increase this number based on the syllabus left to be finished. In total somewhere between 30 to 40 mocks should suffice for an excellent preparation plan. Stop giving mocks one week before CAT. Last week is to revise and relax.

Considering above points, you can select a mock test series. To start with a free mock test right away, click here.

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