5 things to do in the last 3 days before CAT

The last few days before the actual CAT exam are very important, as they can make or break everything. You should keep your calm and follow these simple instructions to gain maximum out of your preparation.

Revise important formulae and reattempt important questions

Forget about the topics you have not touched so far. It is not the time to get into any new concepts now. Forget about how to improve your accuracy in one particular topic. Your focus should be overall improvement by staying in the flow of preparation and by staying positive and confident. You should focus on revising all the formulae. Either go through the notes that you have made throughout your preparation or go through the summary of topics given in study material/books that you have prepared from. In case you have marked some typical questions that you think are relevant and have important concepts then revise/reattempt them as well.

Give 1 mock test and keep solving question sets

Forget about the mock scores you have been getting. Your focus should be to stay positive and to reach the best of your preparation in the next 3 days. Take a mock test at least 3 days before CAT in the same slot as you have got for CAT. For the rest of the days solve a few sets of questions from all three sections. Solve more from what you are good at and less from what you are less confident about. Spend at least 45 minutes every day for reading. This is not for gauging your preparation but to acclimatize yourself with the test. You should be in the flow of solving questions, mainly in the morning/afternoon slot time assigned to you for CAT.

Take Care

There is almost zero possibility that something that you have crammed at the last minute will come in the exam.  This used to happen frequently in school exams but as CAT is a competitive exam with a vast syllabus, there is no use of any last-minute preparation. Stop everything one day prior to the exam. Sit back and relax. Follow the routine of solving questions in your assigned test slot. Eat healthily. Take good sleep before the exam day. Go to bed a little early than usual. 

Visit test center and read test guide

Have your admit card ready. Students leave it for the very last minute and this can create a panicky situation. Visit your test center once before (a day or two before the exam) – to get an idea of the route and time taken. Also, identify the mode of transport for the exam day. Doing this will increase familiarity as well as confidence.

IIM Kozhikode has released a detailed test workflow which you should all take time to go through. You can download it from the link given below:

Click here to Download CAT Test Guide

On the day of CAT

  • No need to revise anything or have a look at one last time. 
  • Treat CAT like just another mock, this would reduce the stress.
  • Arrive Early at CAT exam Center
  • Eat sufficient lunch/breakfast so that you are filled and not distracted with hunger throughout the exam but don’t eat too heavy that you feel sleepy.
  • Carry original ID proof (read test guide to know about the valid ID proofs)
  • Carry printed CAT admit card with the same photograph affixed as was uploaded during the application
  • Carry a liter of water
  • Carry healthy energy-packed snacks (nuts, protein bar, etc.)
  • Do not think of anything else, like what will happen after the exam, how difficult the paper would be, etc. Stay focussed.
  • Don’t let yourself distracted by students waiting with you for the exam.
  • Given below is the list of Dos and Dont’s in the CAT exam. The same is also given in the test guide provided by IIM Kozhikode.

Dos for candidates in CAT exam

Dos and things to remember in online CAT Exam
Dos and things to remember in online CAT Exam

Don’ts for candidates in CAT exam

Dos and things to remember in online CAT Exam
Dos and things to remember in online CAT Exam

Last advice: If you have any questions to ask, put it in comments or mail it at support@gofodu.com and get off as soon as you can. You should not be wasting any single minute. Stop reading more on similar topics and get back to your preparation. All the best.

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