Why take Mocks?

Mocks are the best way to know where one stands. Apart from that, many CAT toppers have claimed that throughout their CAT preparation they gave a lot of mocks and analyzed them properly. Everyone recommends giving mocks for a good CAT score. But giving mocks without any strategy is wasteful and won’t get you any result. 

Apart from giving an idea of what the actual exam is going to look like, there are several other benefits of taking a mock. We hope the following points will convince you to get a mock test series right away: 

Developing Sitting habit

  • Many people lack the basic stamina of sitting at a place for 3 hours straight. Once you develop this habit of sitting, then only you can proceed to be attentive for the same duration. Having a continuous focus for 3 hours straight is a mammoth task that needs to be learnt through practice by taking mocks.

Know your preparation

  •  A good mock test series will cover all the topics in some way or the other thereby letting you know what’s remaining in your preparation. Although, there are topics that are given ample respect in coaching institutes they have not been asked even once in recent years, eg: Remainder based questions, FIJ questions, etc. Your discretion is advised on how much time to allot for preparing these topics. These are small topics that can easily be learnt through just mocks if you go through the solution properly. 

Know where you stand

  • Your mock score is not a representation of your CAT score but you consistently score in a certain range, then it does give an idea of where you stand, which areas you need to work on and which colleges you should target (and fill forms of). 

Handling Pressure

  • It is through mocks that you learn handling the pressure of solving more questions in less time. You learn time management as well as ego management i.e. leaving a question even after spending time on it because otherwise, you will end up wasting all the time on it. 

Regular Practice

  • Lastly and most importantly mock tests are important because they provide a regular practice to a candidate. These tests help students to manage the exam stress and prepare them for the real exam as after giving several mock tests a student becomes familiar with the style of question paper and comes in a position to overcome his weaknesses and correct his mistakes.

Giving mocks boosts a person’s confidence and makes a candidate prepare for the final CAT examination. Click here to get access to a free mock. Do check out our other blogs to learn more CAT concepts. You can also visit our website and start your CAT preparation for free.

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